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Our owner Jodie was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida and has been a Brevard County resident all of her life. Jodie opened Treehouse Learning Academy in 2021 during a time of uncertainty in the world. During this time, schools were in social distancing and masks were being worn. Jodie started to do research on nature-based learning and decided to open a preschool using the ability to hold outdoor learning. She wanted a school that offered hands-on experiences, with the use of community education and experiences from the world around us.

Living in Brevard all her life, she has seen changes in the area, and has grown to love what Brevard has to offer, especially in natural learning experiences. This gave her an idea about bringing those experiences of the community into the classroom for early learning, and this is where Treehouse Learning Academy was formed. Jodie’s passion has always been the love of children and teaching. She has been in childcare since 1996 and furthered her education when she graduated with her degree in early childhood education. Jodie holds a director’s credential in the state of Florida and has experience in all ages. She is also a mom of 6 and a grandmother.

Fast forward to current times, the community has shown an excitement and interest in a different way of educating young children, and in 2022 Treehouse Learning Academy was nominated The Best preschool in Brevard by Florida Today. Treehouse Learning Academy opened its 2nd location in the Viera/Rockledge area in 2023 and is growing with leaps and bounds.

Treehouse Learning Academy offers a full garden at each location where children learn to grow food and learn about gardening each week in gardening classes. Students are taught to calm their bodies and minds with breathing exercises and yoga classes. Weekly themes are created to match with what the curriculum is teaching. Treehouse not only teaches social, emotional, hands-on development but also develops a child’s math, literacy, social studies, science, and art skills. The program is well-rounded and hits on all state standards and covers milestones and development of young growing minds.

Children become immersed in experiences like learning about weather by playing in the rain, without lightning of course, or about snow when we drop 5 tons of it in the playground each year for students to learn from and play in. Or during ocean week when we learn from our community volunteers at the sea turtle preservation society. Each week is a new exciting experience created and designed to allow children to explore the world around them in which they learn from and grow in.

Each staff member at Treehouse Learning Academy has a passion for teaching a love for children and nature. Our teachers are educated in the Experience Early Learning Curriculum used at Treehouse and have credentials, certifications, and degrees needed to teach to the state standards for Florida Early Learning.

Treehouse Learning Academy gives back to the community each year by donating to organizations in the area that bring educational experience to Brevard. We also hold an annual food drive for OUR community to help those in need. We teach community, environmental health, and what it means to be a part of a community, to keep our community thriving. At Treehouse Learning Academy, we are more than a preschool, we are a preschool that educates young minds beyond walls.

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