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About Treehouse Learning Academy:

Growing. Together. Outside

What could be more magical than a learning academy where each child’s innate connection to nature is celebrated? Through hands-on activities, exploration, movement, and play, Treehouse Learning Academy supports children’s curiosity and wonder by utilizing our outdoor grounds as classrooms, whenever weather is permitting.

Our curriculum seeks to follow the flow of the seasons engaging the children’s hands, heads and hearts into their daily activities. Treehouse Learning Academy aims to inspire a love of learning, a love for the earth and a compassion for all living things.

Our children are encouraged to question their environment and take risks while guided by supportive teachers. The child learns problem-solving skills through a real-life experience as they explore, ask questions, and then given an opportunity to share their knowledge.

Melbourne residents enjoy great weather. Melbourne averages 242 sunny days annually with extremely mild winter seasons between 50° – 70° (F). This great weather enables our students to enjoy the great outdoors!

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Why Treehouse Learning Academy vs. Childcare?

Our students are Learning from Nature

Treehouse Learning Academy offers a high-quality early childhood education through a wide range of imaginative, collaborative, hands-on lessons. Our nature-based curriculum cultivates confidence, resilience, and creative problem-solving skills that lead to greater independence and a lifelong love of learning.

Treehouse Learning Academy’s classes are held in a variety of nature-oriented settings, both inside and outside. Our outdoor environment is carefully prepared for kids to explore their surroundings under the watchful eyes of adult supervision. We introduce children to a variety of art, science, math, and language theme surroundings to promote focused learning.

Treehouse Learning Academy teachers watch and provide guidance to steer and spawn interests on individual basis. Before they start any activity, children learn to prepare their environment. Treehouse Learning Academy’s students develop confidence, while solidifying their own concepts and knowledge. Treehouse Learning Academy teaches kids to be independent, focused, motivated, curious, inquisitive, passionate, compassionate, tolerant, conscious of their surroundings, and above all – Love nature and be happy!

What our Kids Love

Dream. Play. Learn

Kids are meant to move, not sit still in a classroom. Treehouse Learning Academy encourages our students growing bodies to roam, ramble and run freely around variable and uneven surfaces, building essential motor skills and awareness. They are always given choices in their expression and encouraged to emote themselves physically with clear and loving boundaries.

Treehouse Learning Academy provides an environment in which children cherish time spent at school. Our educational materials are multi-sensory and our students follow the natural path to reading, writing and problem solving. Our compassionate, well-trained, equipped, and motivated staff is prepared to help the children grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.


Our goal is for our students who play, grow, and learn at Treehouse Learning Academy are thriving and developing beyond their age and they are learning, laughing, and growing strong with healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.

Kids enjoying at Treehouse